About us?

We are the Paraguay Innovation Investment Fund, the first and only VC in the country. We are looking for bold, young people with new ideas, brave people with determination to create innovative and scalable businesses with a GLOCAL mindset. PIIF was especially formed to provide oxygen to young Paraguayan entrepreneurs in order to boost their business growth and thus improve the quality of life of all those living in Paraguay.


We started this great challenge in Paraguay

Our services

Mentoring and management support

We provide mentoring and initial capital for startups.

Capital and coaching

Capital and coaching for small and medium-sized innovative companies.

Scale and growth

Re investment for growing companies.

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We promote the young and innovative potential in Paraguay by investing in the best talent.

– Our program provides financing, mentoring and networking for entrepreneurs.
– We are working with the Government and the country’s top Universities to encourage new business ideas.
– We are building a new wave of technological and scientific talent in Paraguay.

The verticals are

Transfers, personal finance, collections and payments, blockchain, insurance, digital identification, loans, crowdfunding, cybersecurity, pre-paid cards, digital services markets and digital banking.

Renewables, energy management tools, electric vehicles, storage, efficient use of natural resources, waste treatment, use of unconsumed foods.

Agtech – Foodtech
Biotechnology, traceability, digital images, sensors, agriculture and livestock precision, digital markets and logistic improvements. Matrix technologies of internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, data sciences (large volumes of data and business intelligence), connectivity, telemetry.

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Juan Francisco Dalceggio

Managing Partner

Esteban Olivera

Committee member and advisor

Peter Levine

Founder, investor and advisor

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