Our goals

Share our business experience
Raise the value of the company by expanding into new markets
Create the best opportunities for local talent
Create new sources of employment

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PIIF’s mission

01. Taking decisions

It is difficult for innovative companies to find support in deciding about the hard challenges that need to be overcome. Innovation requires experience and dedication to generate value, that's why we work with young entrepreneurs to find most efficient ways to facilitate their path.

02. Investment

According to our experience in Paraguay, young companies have little capital offering. As a consequence, small and medium businesses are focused on their daily lives without a growth strategy. At PIIF, we encourage investment in innovation, generating an opportunity for these young companies with great growth potential.

03. Bridging the ecosystems

The integration of the ecosystem is key to understanding the real problems and needs of the industry with the objective of creating GLOCAL solutions. We cooperate to create bridges between different business ecosystems to conserve, grow and increase knowledge transfer.